FlexPortal offers full HIPAA solutions from Patient and Laboratory Portals, to a HIPAA compliant CRM,
we have a solution for you.

Work the way you want with the security and compliance you need.

HIPAA Solutions

HIPAA CRM & Management Systems

HIPAA Solutions

Patient Portals

HIPAA Solutions

Laboratory Portals

HIPAA Solutions

In Home Service Portals

Secure Customer
or Patient Data

Secure Document Generation & Signature

Compliant Email Notifications

Unlimited Role Based
User Portals

FlexPortal can create robust and powerful HIPAA compliant management systems and user portals. As well as offering built in tools that make setting up a system easy and affordable, The FlexPortal platform
can also be used to build 100%
customized software applications
tailored to your exact needs.

Compliance and Efficiency

User portals paired with a powerful back end system can streamline workflow, free staff members from routine clerical work, reduce operating costs and strengthen client and patient loyalty to their health care providers.

FlexPortal can create powerful systems and user portals that are in HIPAA compliance. Our system can help medical practices, laboratories, and other healthcare related businesses develop management systems and portals that are secure but highly functional for patients and healthcare professionals. Busy businesses and practices can spend less time on the phone and more time doing their job, which increases satisfaction and enhances productivity.

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