Improved Client-Business Communication

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October 18, 2018
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December 14, 2018

Improved Client-Business Communication

Communication is the most important element of any relationship, business or otherwise.  We hear it all the time.  But how many people actually take proactive measures to streamline and enhance communication  and keep track of conversations?

In business, a breakdown in communication with a client will eventually lead to the erosion of the relationship.  All clients want to feel that they are the most important client.  They need to be heard.  Otherwise, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

If you’ve ever been in the uncomfortable situation of finding yourself in a business-related communication breakdown, you know just how embarrassing and potentially disastrous it can be.  Maybe you forgot to tell all of your team members about a change of direction in a project.  Perhaps you weren’t notified about an upcoming client meeting.  These kinds of errors are a nightmare.  And they can all be avoided by making some adjustments in how you communicate as a business.

A client portal is the most comprehensive long-term solution to communication errors.  By allowing your clients to log in to a portal to track a project’s status, make approvals, view invoices, place help tickets, and leave feedback, a high level of transparency and accountability is established.  An electronic paper trail is viewable both on the client and business sides.  You can even keep track of all email and telephone conversations.

One of the primary goals of any portal is to never again have to say, “I wasn’t informed.”  Don’t allow anything to fall through the cracks again.  Keeping communication in one place eliminates the likelihood of mistakes, which translates into happy, long-lasting customers.

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