Smart Billing & Payment Solutions

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September 27, 2018
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November 19, 2018

Smart Billing & Payment Solutions

No matter how much satisfaction you may get from serving your clients, the bottom line for any business is revenue generation.  By making it easy and efficient for your business to collect payments, and for your customers to make payments, the more likely you are to meet (and surpass) your bottom line.

The Flex Portal experts specialize in making the portal successfully fulfill your very specific billing and payment needs.  Flex Portal is a user-friendly customer-facing experience designed to make invoicing and payments as easy as possible.

Flex Portal integrates with popular tools like QuickBooks (desktop and online).  The portal’s seamless integration with other tools eliminates the need for multiple entries, saving a great deal of time and money, while reducing the likelihood of data entry errors.

Some of the other great billing and payment features and advantages of Flex Portal include:

Automatic Invoice Generation.  Have detailed invoices automatically generated and sent to customers once a service is rendered or a product is sold.

Easy, Fast, Secure Payments.  Customers can log in any time, from any device, and make quick and secure payments!  Ease of payment means that customers are more likely to pay on time!

Instant Project Status Information.  Allow your customers to log in and track the status of a project while maintaining complete transparency.  Flex Portal provides customers with the ability to see exactly what they are being billed for and how much they are being billed.

Manage Subscriptions.  Automatic recurring payments for subscription services ensure timely payments and convenience for your customers.

Faster Money Transfers.  Money transfers between “virtual” accounts are generally much faster than doing business via wire transfers, checks, or even cash by mail.

Reduced Administration.  With so many automated features and full integration, you can save money and time with reduced administration.  Finally – technology that really does simplify our lives!

Simple Report Generation.  Who are your highest paying customers?  What are your projections for the next quarter?  Flex Portal makes it easy to generate useful reports that make your data actually mean something!

The Flex Portal team is eager to speak with you about taking the stress out of one of the most important aspects of your business:  billing and payments.  Call  1-833-654-1939 or visit our Contact Us page to get more information and pick our experts’ brains!