Reliant Staffing: A Healthcare Staffing Company Designed by Healthcare Professionals

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Reliant Staffing: A Healthcare Staffing Company Designed by Healthcare Professionals

Reliant Staffing is a Pittsburgh-based healthcare staffing company. Their job is to match qualified professionals with staffing needs in the healthcare industry, both in Pittsburgh and regionally.

Owned and operated by healthcare professionals, Reliant has the experience and insight to match the right individuals with the right facilities. On a day-to-day basis, they coordinate staffing needs in hospitals, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, home care, hospice care, medical offices, group homes, schools, detention facilities, and more!

Healthcare is an industry like no other. If you’re not in the field, it’s hard to imagine a “typical” day, if such a thing exists. That was the challenge Reliant Staffing brought to Flex Portal, a fast-paced, complex environment of matching the ever-changing demands of healthcare facilities with the appropriate skill sets and experience of available medical personnel.

Eliminating the Employee-Employer Gap

When Flex Portal first met with Reliant Staffing, it was clear that matching needs with available resources was the key. Our portal solution would have to replace complex spreadsheets and multiple data entry points with an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, and intuitive online system.

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, communication can break down between employers and employees. Multiple calendars offer many opportunities to mark in the wrong date or time for someone’s schedule. Human Resource documents, payroll information, and so much more can be scattered and misfiled when a hospital is keeping one set of records and the doctor’s office another.

The business of putting the right individuals in the right facilities at the right time is a complicated task. And in the healthcare industry, there is no room for error. The quality control team at Flex Portal put all their effort into ensuring that the portal met the highest standards of excellence as a tool in coordinating schedules and maintaining employee records.

The portal serves as a single hub for information, one comprehensive data resource that employee, employer, and staffing scheduler can access for the last word in accurate information.

Employee schedules in particular needed to be easily accessible, with the ability to make quick last-minute adjustments in dealing with the emergencies and unforeseen circumstances that are a part the healthcare business.

However useful it might be, busy professionals do not have time to use an online portal if the system is too complex or requires a manual to learn the basics. From a design perspective, the Flex Portal is intuitive and easy to use, without sacrificing power. One customization implemented by the Flex Portal team gives employees directions to new facilities, cutting down on lateness and improving overall productivity.

Healthcare for the 21st Century

For Reliant Staffing, the Flex Portal meets key goals: improving workflow to make day-to-day operations faster and easier to manage, enhancing accuracy to provide more confidence in data precision and security, and providing an easily accessible hub of information for all involved in the form of a user-friendly dashboard.

Thanks to Flex Portal, Reliant Staffing can take on even more work more confidently. Their ability to match staffing with medical facilities functions on a higher plane within a cloud-based world. As a result, Reliant Staffing is more equipped than ever to surpass its competition and help improve healthcare for all.

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