U.S. Micro-Solutions: A Microbiology Portal for Greater Transparency & Accurate Results

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November 16, 2018
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U.S. Micro-Solutions: A Microbiology Portal for Greater Transparency & Accurate Results

U.S. Micro-Solutions, Inc. is a fully-accredited microbiology testing lab. The family-owned business has over 100 years of combined expertise in the field of microbiology. U.S. Micro-Solutions employs extensively trained and highly qualified professionals committed to delivering quality results with a fast turnaround time and exceptional customer service.

A Desire for Optimization

Part of the lab’s vision is to implement new ideas and technology, making them a perfect match for Flex Portal. The lab first approached the Flex Portal team over a year ago to discuss their desire to optimize their business.

The business was relying on antiquated spreadsheets and email to perform its day-to-day operations, which led to decreased productivity. The lab came to Flex Portal for a comprehensive solution. The Flex Portal team eagerly began work on a customized portal that would provide automation and integration to update and streamline the lab’s day-to-day operations.

Addressing the Specific Needs of a Specific Lab

Flex Portal’s team welcomed the challenge of creating a complicated and dynamic portal for a complicated business like U.S. Micro-Solutions. But what the team didn’t expect was the sheer fun in making the portal come to life. When technology companies meet with their clients, it is often an unpleasant experience. Going over all the bugs and problems, struggling to find solutions to technological roadblocks – it can be a very tense process!

But our meetings with the client were anything but tense! Our meetings were full of laughter and smiles – the result of ongoing progress toward making the everyday work lives of U.S. Micro-Solutions’ staff easier and more productive!

U.S. Micro-Solutions provides a wide array of tests and testing methods. Each testing method has specific validation rules to determine a passing or failing sample. Taking these complicated rules and translating them into a fully automated application for processing and presenting results in a standardized fashion was the biggest challenge in creating the portal.

The building of the portal involved the customization of processes related to adding projects, samples, and counts. The system is fully integrated with a Zebra label printer and the e-mail system to provide notifications and results directly to customers throughout each step of the testing process. Standardized and highly detailed reporting provide customers with a clear and thorough understanding of results.

Their new Flex Portal allows customers to abandon paper documents and submit requests electronically to optimize turnaround time, efficiency, and transparency. The only necessary physical mailing will be of the samples themselves, setting U.S. Micro-Solutions apart from its competition.

Flex Portal is Your Customizable Solution for Optimization

The Flex Portal team has taken great satisfaction in analyzing U.S. Micro-Solutions’ needs and streamlining their business with a customized portal. Working with a lab with such specific and complicated needs has put our expertise to the test.

Our success is a result of our dedication to effective and frequent communication with our clients, allowing us to design practical technology to address the specific needs of unique businesses.

Our team is eager to work with you to build your portal to optimization! Reach out to us today by using our contact form or calling 1-833-654-1939.