Case Studies

DreamForge Magazine is a new science fiction and fantasy magazine with the goal of providing a positive alternative to the bleak and apocalyptic scenarios offered in so many other genre publications.

The stories presented in DreamForge Magazine feature characters that endure the hardships of the human condition and use the power of human ingenuity and compassion to forge on and build a tomorrow that is full of promise.

Optimizing the Online Experience

In the 21st Century, many speculative fiction magazines have gone online in order to make their publications more accessible and competitive in a world where smart phones, Kindles, and tablets have become the reading devices of choice. Many of these magazines offer free content online.

To stand out from the competition, DreamForge Magazine needed to develop and online presence that was more advanced and engaging than the standard fare readers are used to online. That’s why the publishers at DreamForge Press, LLC approached Flex Portal with the dream of creating an interactive literary universe.

No Dream Too Big

The goal of the Flex Portal in this application is to provide readers with a dashboard where they can interact with the issues or anthologies they have purchased as well as track their relationship with the publisher. Readers earn badges of accomplishment depending on their subscription status, whether they have contributed a story, or if they have reviewed and rated the stories of others.

Users also enjoy significant flexibility. A Reader may subscribe for a year, read a single issue, or purchase one story, as they wish. They can share a story with a friend or recommend stories to others.

Podcasts and videos enliven the experience, and readers can purchase SWAG, such as a favorite story illustration on a T-shirt.

Readers never lose access to their portal and its contents. Unsubscribing merely restricts their access to the flow of new content being created, and they can re-subscribe or order a single story by a favorite author at any time.

The Flex Portal team found that bringing all these advanced features to life was more of a journey of technological innovation than a frustrating puzzle to solve. The entire project was an opportunity to test the limits of what an online portal can do. Each advancement in the project was a very real and satisfying step toward the creation of a new online reading experience.

The best part of the collaboration between Flex Portal and DreamForge is that the project is never really finished. As ideas come, they can be implemented. Features can be improved. Flex Portal’s team builds lasting relationships with its clients to keep their technology relevant and up-to-date in their marketplace.

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